At St Anne’s and St Joseph’s, mathematics is an important part of everyday life.  We aim to help foster a love of learning in all pupils whilst developing the three areas of maths in the National Curriculum – fluency, reasoning and problem solving.

To do this, we ensure that children work in a stimulating environment which helps them develop their skills and have fun whilst doing it.  We use a wide variety of resources to make maths interesting for all of our mathematicians at every age. 

We use the Lancashire maths plans to ensure coverage and use a range of ICT resources to enrich and support children in their learning – such as


TT Rockstars 

and IDL maths



To help you understand how and what we are teaching at SASJ, here are our calculation and mental calculations policies.

  • Calculations policy
  • Mental calculation policy


Here are some webpages which may be helpful

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