Guided Reading

As reading is so important, every child takes part in a daily guided reading session. We use carousel style learning activities during guided reading as this gives a balance of encouraging the children to learn independently and being taught crucial skills.

Each child will have two adult-led session and two other sessions which are based around what they have learnt with the adults. The fifth session encourages the children to read for enjoyment with their own choice of book. A week in your child’s class may look something like this:

During guided reading, the children read banded books that are from a different scheme to that of the home readers. Each group reads books that are suitable for their level of development and the emphasis is on deepening their learning, not on proceeding quickly through the bands.


Home Reading Books

We like to get the children taking home reading books as soon as possible at SASJ. As we have a fully decodable reading book scheme for early readers, the children don’t need to know many sounds be able to get their first book to take home. We found that the children love the Dandelion Launchers books so much that we invested in games that reinforce the learning from the books. These books are generally used in Acorns Class as they help the children develop their confidence.


Dandelion Launchers Units 1-3 - Speaking of LearningDandelion Launchers Units 4-7 - Speaking of Learning


Once the children are more confident, they begin to read books from other schemes, mainly Oxford Reading Tree. The aim for home reading books is to help develop the children’s skills and become more fluent. In each year group, the children may progress no further than a given band as we encourage the children to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the skills – we do not encourage racing through the book bands. Children who are at greater depth may be given ‘real books’ rather than banded books until they can move on to the next band.

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