Welcome to our Little Seeds page!

On this page we hope to provide you with some information to help you and your child as they prepare to start school in September.

Please check out other pages on this school website for further whole school information.


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Welcome to Little Seeds!

This 'Little Seeds' page has been created with new pupils in mind as they begin their school journey with us in Acorns Class in September.

Acorns Class is just the beginning of a wonderful learning journey at our school. We want your child to always feel welcome, safe, cared for and encouraged to do their best.

We hope that you find lots of useful information on these pages. Please feel free to explore our school website and discover what goes on throughout school.





Milk is free for all under 5s, but must be ordered by you via the milk on the cool milk website (www.coolmilk.com) – if you need help with this, the office staff will be pleased to assist you.   Please ensure that you have read the information sheet on ordering milk. Contact the school office for further assistance.


Snacks and Water
Every infant child receives a free piece of fruit on a daily basis. Therefore, children do NOT need to bring any food to school other than a packed lunch if they are not having a free school meal. As stated above, if you register on the 'Cool Milk' website, your child will receive daily milk. If your child prefers, they may bring water in a labelled bottle. NO FIZZY DRINKS OR JUICES please. Water is the best drink to hydrate your child during the day.

Please ensure that you have completed the allergy form and read the healthy food information sheet. 


Outdoor Wear
All of our Reception children will spend a great deal of time in our outside area. Therefore, we would appreciate it if you could buy them a pair of wellies and some waterproofs to keep in school, all the time.

Please ensure that you have signed the local walks consent form.



Please make sure that all children’s clothing and possessions are always clearly labelled with their name.  The best way we find of doing this is to use a permanent black marker/sharpie pen in their clothes, shoes, bags and any other equipment they may bring to school. Children should not bring toys or precious items to school which could be lost or damaged.

School Uniform (Boys)

Grey trousers, blue polo shirt, royal
blue school-badged sweatshirt, grey socks and
black school shoes.



School Uniform (Girls)

Grey skirt, pinafore dress or grey tailored trousers, blue polo shirt,
royal blue school-badged sweatshirt or cardigan, grey or white socks and
black school shoes.

Summer wear (suggestion only)

As above with open necked short-sleeved blouse or blue and white gingham dress.





PE Kit

White t-shirt, navy blue shorts and black pumps.  Jogging pants for outside use are also acceptable.

Cycling type shorts are not permissible for Health and Safety reasons.



Healthy meals are cooked on the premises.  Our cook strives to serve enjoyable meals and menus are available on request.


All Reception and Key Stage One children are entitled to receive a Free School Meal.



Packed Lunches

Children who do not have a school meal usually bring a COLD PACKED LUNCH.  As we are a ‘healthy school’, any sweet or sugary items should be kept to a minimum.


According to NHS choices a balanced lunchbox should contain:
 Starchy foods like bread, rice, potatoes or pasta.
 Protein foods like meat, fish, eggs or beans.
 A dairy item, like cheese or yoghurt.
 Vegetables or salad and a portion of fruit.



Healthy packed lunches should be brought to school in a secure container labelled with the child’s name.  Water is available but many parents prefer to supply a carton of drink.  Children do not bring glass bottles, fizzy drinks or sweets into school.


We hope that the children enjoy their meals in school and we want lunchtime to be a happy, social event with friendship groups and support wherever possible.  We treat our children with respect and expect them to show similar respect to other pupils and to adults in the dining room.  The children themselves have helped school meal times evolve into pleasant sessions – we are always grateful when pupils give feedback which helps school move forward.


Please respect our policy on healthy eating and dental care!

Starting school can be a testing time not only for children, but for parents too!

Rest assured that as parents ourselves, we know what you will be going through.

We aim to help the transition from nursery or home, to school, as calmly as possible.

Please click here for a link to BBC Bitesize: Starting primary school, 
There may be some helpful advice and links on there for you to look at.


Follow the instructions you have been sent via email, to log onto our Little Seeds Class Dojo page. We aim to keep in touch with you before your child begins school, with video blogs, photos, comments and signposts.


Click here to log on to Class Dojo

Click here to log on to Class Dojo


On this page, please find some helpful documents for children starting school.


School Documents - Little Seeds

Home learning documents for new starters and EYFS




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