Miss Mulcock

Acting Head


Hello! My name is Miss Mulcock and I am honoured to be the acting headteacher of St Anne’s and St Joseph’s. I started teaching here in September 2018 when I came to the school to be the Deputy Head. I taught Larch Class for a year before becoming the acting headteacher in September 2019.  There are lots of reasons why I love coming to work every day  we have amazing children who want to learn lots of new things, we have a fantastic staff who like to make children’s learning as exciting as possible and we all share one thing in common – our love of God.

Mrs Chadwick


Hi everyone. My name is Mrs Chadwick and I am the EYFS and KS1 Lead at St Anne’s and St Joseph’s school where I currently teach a fabulous class of pupils in Year 2.  I am the music subject lead which means I lead the school choir after school on Thursdays and love organising the musical events that take place in and out of school. I am also the science subject lead and am proud to say that our recent science week in school was a huge success! I look forward to seeing you around our fabulous school.

Miss Bowden



Mrs Porter

Acorns Class Teacher

I am currently the Acorns class teacher and have the wonderful privilege of teaching the amazing reception children. I have been teaching for the past 8 years and the majority of my teaching has been in KS1/EYFS. I absolutely love teaching in reception, I see it as the most important year of a child’s school career. It is where children develop their long-life love of learning. I love being able to see what children can achieve when they are given the opportunities and motivation to keep trying.

Miss Neary

Beech Class


Hello, my name is Miss Neary and I currently teach Year 1 at St Anne's and St Joseph's school. I am the geography and history subject lead for school. I really enjoy seeing all of the creative and varied ways that geography and history are taught around school. When you look around our school, you will see that we all have the same timeline that progresses as the children learn more about different periods of history. You will also see examples of the fabulous work achieved by our children on our display boards. I hope to see you soon at our lovely school.

Miss Yates

Willow Class Teacher

I began my teaching career at SASJ and have worked here for the last three years. Throughout this time, I have worked in both Year 5 and mixed Year 5 & 6 classes. I currently teach Willow Class alongside our teaching assistant, Mr Pickup. I thoroughly enjoy teaching the UKS2 curriculum as it gives children the opportunity to learn about a wide range of topics and subjects. As a class teacher, it is my role to ensure that the children in my class make progress throughout the year and I have the privilege of seeing this happen on a daily basis. One of my main aims is to ensure that the children in my class feel secure and confident and are able to achieve if they work hard and persevere. As well as being a class teacher, I also lead computing in school. This role allows me to ensure that all of our children are accessing the computing curriculum and enjoying the subject. Working in Year 5 and 6 has also given me the opportunity to strengthen links with high schools (particularly Mount Carmel) as we have been involved in their enrichment programme. My experience over the past three years has given me a good understanding of the transition from primary to secondary and how to ease the process for our children. 

Mrs Jude

Oak Class




Mrs M Dunleavy

I have been part of the SASJ family since 2010. I am a former pupil of the school and it was during that time that a lifelong love of learning was instilled in me which I hope I can pass on to our children both inside and outside the classroom.  In my role as HLTA, I am privileged to work with our fabulous children across the Key Stages.  My mornings are spent in Year 5 and 6 supporting Miss Yates’ and Miss Ramsay’s classes with their English lessons.  Three afternoons a week, I cover the Upper Key Stage 2 teachers’ PPA where my Spanish language and music skills are put to good use. The other two afternoons, I cover teachers on subject leadership time which may take me into Lower Key Stage 2 or Key Stage 1.  I also run lunchtime recorder groups.  I love coming to work each day and think we are lucky that our school is set in such beautiful surroundings. 

Mrs S Pilkington

Hello everyone, I’m Mrs. Pilkington and I am one of the Higher Level Teaching Assistants here at St. Anne’s and St. Joseph’s.  I attended the school as a pupil, as did my three children, who are now grown up. During my 31 years here, I have had the privilege of working with many dedicated and inspirational colleagues as well as being a part of the education of so many young people, some of whom are now parents of our current pupils! I have experience of working across all departments within school and my current role involves covering  P.P.A. sessions for Lower KS2 and EYFS, as well as supporting Miss Shaw as T.A. in Larch class.



Mr C Pickup

TA3 - I have worked at SASJ for over 10 years now and having also been a former pupil ( quite a few years ago!) , I feel a real affinity to the school. I currently work as a Teaching Assistant, along with Miss Davenport, supporting Miss Taylor and the wonderful children of Elm Class. Last year, with the fantastic support of the school and governors, I qualified as a PE teacher and I currently teach PE in both KS1 and KS2. Throughout the year I also run various sports clubs before and after school - Fitness Friday is particularly popular! Win or lose, I also enjoy accompanying the children to the various sporting events involving other schools from Hyndburn and the Ribble Valley - it's great to see a different side to the children away from school!

Mrs K Cunningham

TA3 - 

Mrs J Bailey

TA3– I am a level 3 teaching assistant who has worked at SASJ for over 20 years and I absolutely love it! I have worked as a teaching assistant across the school. I am currently working in Acorns Class supporting the class teacher Mrs Porter and our amazing reception children. I have many hobbies which include knitting and gardening. I particularly enjoy knitting resources for our reception children in order to support their learning.  

Mrs P Davenport

I’ve been connected to SASJ school as a parent & grandparent for over 35 years but I’ve worked at here for 10 years. I’m very committed to making myself and our school perform at its best. Love DOES dwell here and no matter what challenges it faces, with a team of superb dedicated staff, we keep the school running daily. The aim is to take all our children, encourage them and allow them to be the best they can be. They will become our future society.

As I carry out welfare duties, I’m always on hand to chat with the children who need it. I can relate to all ages. I love to make them laugh and see their faces light up. I have gained so many good relationships, also helping the children make their own good choices. Your children become our children for the day. What a wonderful gift from God you have. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Mrs F Rashid

1:1 TA - Hi, I’m Ms Rashid and I’ve been a TA2 at St. Anne’s and St. Joseph’s for over 10 years! It’s been a real journey working at this lovely school, seeing it develop and watch it progress from strength to strength. Our ethos of ‘letting love dwell here’ can be seen in all that we do, everyday.

My roles vary on a day to day basis, from classroom support, intervention management, fruit monitoring, behavioural issues and SEN support.

I’m a very versatile member of our SASJ team and I can easily adapt into any of the classes, helping to assist our children to reach their full potential at a young age, allowing them to dream and achieve their goals.

Mr S. Warwick

TA3 -As a maths/science specialist in secondary school of 15 years, I currently work in Year 5 and 6 supporting both Miss Yates' and Miss Ramsay's classes with their Maths lessons. I also ran the 2020 science week, which was a lot of fun, hopefully this will become an annual event. I have only been at SASJ for the last 18 months, but I can honestly say that every day has been an absolute pleasure.  I particularly enjoy working with Year 5 and 6 pupils, especially the SAT's preparation part.

Mr M Holbrook

TA2  Hello, I’ve worked at SASJ for over 10 years now and although there’s been ups and downs, my experience of being involved in the education of hundreds of children has allowed me to build a real affinity with this school. The school ethos of ‘Let Love Dwell Here’ has always been at the heart of what we do here.  I have strived to build positive relationships with pupils in order to help them reach their true potential. A positive comment of word of encouragement is often all thats needed to build a child’s self-belief.  I have a mathematical background, both in my former profession and in my training to be a secondary maths teacher. This interest in maths has been much utilised in my time here when delivering intervention or boosting programmes. It has been my pleasure to spend the last decade at SASJ working with children and families in a real school community.

Mrs L Goodwin

TA2- Hello, My first involvement with SASJ was in 1993 when my eldest child started reception followed by his two siblings some years later. Although they are adults now they still reminisce fondly about their years there.  Pleasant memories with caring staff, which I am now proud to be a part of. I have been a Level 2 Teaching Assistant since 2007. Prior to this I worked in the school kitchen for around 5 years, a great way to get to know the children. I have worked in all year groups over the years, sometimes as the classroom assistant and at times on a one to one basis supporting children with special needs. I can be very flexible and enjoy the varying positions. I believe happy children make good learners and support the school in making each individual child the best that they can be.



Mrs S Godden

School Business Manager


Hi, my name is Susan Godden and I started working at SASJ in September 2021 after spending the past 10 years working in Alternative Provision Schools in Burnley.  My role in school is to support and work closely with the Head teacher and be responsible for all business and financial management transactions relating to school resources.  I work alongside my administrator Jo, and together we ensure that admin support is provided throughout the school.  We love that our amazing pupils see the office as a welcome area in school and embrace the office staff as members of the school family.  As the ‘face-of’ SASJ, both Jo and I pride ourselves in making sure that we give each visitor to school a warm welcome.  On this note, I look forward to seeing you when you visit our lovely school.

Mrs J Grimshaw

Office Staff


Hi, my name is Jo Grimshaw, I am the Office Administrator here at St Anne’s and St Joseph’s and began working at the school in November 2021.   I have worked in the school office in various primary schools for most of my working life and bring a wealth of school administrative experience.  I work closely with our School Business Manager, Mrs Godden and together Susan and I endeavour to provide admin support throughout the school.  Working in the school office can at times be very challenging and very diverse; each day brings a new challenge but I absolutely thrive on doing my best to help everyone in our school community; children, parents and staff.

Mr P Hope

Site Supervisor


Hi, My name is Paul Hope and I have worked at SASJ for the last ten years.  My main role involves the maintenance and upkeep of the school, but I do love to get involved in the wider school activities. In particular world book day, and using my skills to build quality props for the children’s plays, including the nativity and year 6 end of year play.  The staff here at SASJ are a pleasure to work with, and the children are well mannered and respectful. Outside of school I am an avid Hot rod enthusiast who helps my friends build their cars, but the most important thing is my family.


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