Religion at SASJ

As a Catholic school, our faith is central to everything that takes place at SASJ. As a school in the Diocese of Salford, we base our faith on the 5 Ws. They are:

Welcoming - make sure that everyone who enters our home is made to feel welcome.

Welfare - we take care of everyone in our home and try to help others outside it.

Witness - we bear witness to how we should live and become stewards of God's creations.

Word - we learn about Jesus through scripture.

Worship - we take part in regular acts of worship as a whole school and in smaller groups.

Pope Francis

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Worship together

The Sacramental Programme Requirements

As a Catholic school, here at SASJ, we encourage as many families as possible to take part in the Sacramental Programme in Y3 so that children can continue on their faith journey.

In order to enrol your child on the programme, the following requirements are necessary:


One of the child’s parents must be a Baptised Roman Catholic.

The child must have been Baptised into the Roman Catholic Church.

At least one parent or grandparent must be willing to attend Mass on a Saturday evening or Sunday morning, either in St Anne’s or St Joseph’s for the duration of the programme.

At least one parent or grandparent must be willing to attend the preparation sessions with their child for the duration of the programme.


If for any reason you are unable to fulfil one of these requirements but you would like your child to be enrolled, please contact either Father Stamp, Miss Taylor or Miss Mulcock so that we can discuss possibilities.



The Sacramental Programme – A Message from Fr. Stamp

'Through the Sacraments of Confession and First Holy Communion, your child will encounter Jesus Christ, really and truly present in His Church, and they will become full members of the Catholic Church. Because the Sacraments are God’s most precious gift to us and to your child, the Church believes that children must be properly and well prepared to be able to receive them. That is why it is necessary for you to understand clearly the commitment involved in the programme before making the decision to enrol your child.'

Father Simon Stamp
Parish Priest



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