The Parish of St. Anne and St. Joseph is a relatively new amalgamation of two beautiful churches which envelops a strong and dedicated congregation. Father Stamp is the Parish Priest as well as Rural Dean of St John Vianney Deanery. He is helped by retired priest, Father Livesey who has been integral in the success of the amalgamation process.


As a school, the staff and pupils regularly participate in Mass at St. Anne’s Church which is a short walk from the school. Our families attend both churches and support events throughout the year, including the Christmas and Summer Fairs and other fundraising events.         



                Father Stamp                                                   St Anne's Church and Presbytery                                     Garden of Our Lady




Since lockdown began, Father Stamp has been sending weekly emails to parishioners who have signed up to receive them. These have been a comforting and informative way of staying connected with our parish as well as being able to share the guidelines needed in order to re-open our beautiful churches.  

Many parishioners have been unable to attend Mass or Private Prayer since the re-opening and so the regular contact from Father has been invaluable and much appreciated.

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While we are living in these unusual times, Mass in the Parish of St Anne's and St Joseph's will be as follows.

Church Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

St. Anne's RC Church,

10 Cobham Road


Tel 01254 232920

Holy Mass



Holy Mass


Private Prayer



Vigil Mass


Holy Mass


St Joseph's RC Church

Belgarth Road


Tel 01254 231754


Holy Mass



Holy Mass



Please book a place at Mass between Monday at 8:30 am and Friday at 2pm to ensure there is capacity,

either by telephone on 01254 232920 or by email to

Please note, it will no longer be possible to book a place at mass outside these times.

Parish Charity Shop - Heritage

I wrote a few weeks ago to say that the two founding Directors of our Parish charity shop, Heritage, Shirley Hodson and Marie Alveston, have decided that the time has come for them to step down from the running of the shop and hand on to other parishioners. I am very grateful that one of our parishioners, Tony Yates, has stepped up to the mark and agreed to coordinate the reopening and running of our shop. Ideally, I would like to form a group who could help him in this task as it is too much of a burden for one alone. Tony has some support from others who have been involved over a number of years in the shop, but we really need more parishioners to sign up and help, either on a day to day basis in manning the shop and preparing donated items for sale, or in an organisational capacity to help Tony direct things. If you would be willing to help in any way or any capacity, please e-mail Tony at

Alternatively, if you drop me a line, I can pass on your details to him so he can be in touch with you.


Parish Website

After the amalgamation of the two Parishes a couple of years ago, we decided to discontinue the websites for the Parishes so that we could develop a new website for the newly amalgamated Parish. It is unfortunate that this was not already up and running before the lockdown overtook us, but the developer of the website is now working on it and it should not be too long before it is ready for launch. Watch this space and I will let you know as soon as we have something online.


Piety Stall Items for Christmas

Normally, the piety stalls in both churches stock an extensive range of items for Christmas. However, we have to plan for the eventuality that the piety stalls might not be open any time soon, and as well as this, stock from our suppliers will be limited due to the current situation. Debbie Kenyon, who runs the Piety Stall at St Joseph's, has offered to order any specific piety items parishioners might want for Christmas. She would need to place this order with the suppliers by the end of August to ensure they will definitely arrive. If the situation changed in the next few months, we could review this, but in order to be prepared, if you would like to order anything for Christmas, please have a look online at the catalogue of our supplier which can be found here:

CBC Distributors - Christmas Once you have had a look, please contact Debbie to place an order either by text or phone on 07950921774 before the end of this month.


Mission - Red Box

The present problem of Covid - 19 and the inability to collect Red Box monies has caused a severe shortfall in funds for Missio. If you are able, you can send a cheque direct to: Missio Red Box, 23 Eccleston Square, London, SW15 INU. If you write on the back of the cheque St Anne's SAL 013 or St Joseph's SAL 014, the amount sent will be credited to the respective church when they send the annual totals raised from each church.


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