Working Beyond the Classroom

Learning doesn't stop when children leave class - they have opportunities to go beyond their own class to help others when being:

          Play Leaders

          First Aiders

          GIFT Team

          Seeds & Gardeners

Parental Involvement

PTFA committee work tirelessly to support the staff and children in special events and fundraising.


Support Beyond the Classroom

School Counsellor

We have a dedicated school counsellor who comes into school each week. Sarah Tullet works with children who have been through difficult times at home and helps them work through their feelings and emotions, helping them to cope with whatever life is throwing at them.


Intervention Groups

Each afternoon we have a team of support assistants who work with children throughout the school to help address issues in core subjects - giving focused intervention to help them close any gaps.

Before and After School Provision

AJ's is our before and after school provision club. As we have a number of professional families, where parents work longer than the school day and no additional support, we find that some people find the club invaluable to them.

We don't let the staff work them too hard though - the aim is to allow the children to relax and have fun with their friends after a long day at school!


Community Involvement

Other agencies use the school in the evenings. At present, we have:

Girl Guides & Brownies on a Wednesday evening.

Yoga instruction on a Thursday evening.


Mount Carmel High School

Mount Carmel is our Catholic Partnership High School. Our children spend lots of time working on joint school ventures with Mount Carmel and are encouraged to choose them in the next stage of their faith journey.

Please click on the logo below to view Mount Carmel's Website.

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